Performing with Edinburgh Jam Group

Part of Edinburgh Jam Groups mission is to develop and deliver opportunities for people of all abilities, backgrounds and experience levels to perform music.

Performance is a great way to build confidence and skills and we believe performing to be a key element in the development of any aspiring (or already established) musician.

Below we have outlined some of the performance opportunities which we currently deliver, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any thoughts, questions or queries you have so we can discuss them further with you:

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Jam Sessions

Its what we are known for and where our name comes from!

We run a regular roster of jam sessions throughout the yearly calendar which are attended by a wide variety of people of differing skill levels, interests and backgrounds! 

They are informal, chilled out and supportive, and have become a staple of the scene over the many years we have been running them.

In addition to being the ideal place to make friends, find other musicians for projects, or get access to support and resources, they are also a brilliantly fun way of building up the performance confidence and skills needed to get the most out of your music, without the pressure of an audience or a live stage environment.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram by clicking the following links to get notified about all upcoming sessions and join in!


Showcase Events

Each year Edinburgh Jam Group hosts at least one (and sometimes more) Showcase Events in major venues in Edinburgh, at which bands and musicians get an opportunity to perform on the big stage under the bright lights to a big crowd, obtain photography, video, exposure and fan engagement!

Past examples have included Old Dr Bells Bath House, Voodoo Rooms, and others!

Our 2024 Showcase Event is scheduled at Voodoo Rooms Ballroom on 28th June 2024 and we will soon be opening a band submission page, where your details will be added to our private database and you will be notified for all future opportunities to play at our events.

Even if you don’t intend to perform at one of our Showcase Events right now, we would encourage you and your friends and family to come along and enjoy an epic evening of live entertainment whilst supporting local talent and the local music community.

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Live Streaming

Our Edinburgh Newbridge Studio is fully equipped to enable you to live stream live performances onto your chosen platform with minimal support and training. 

We utilise OBS Studio as our streaming application and have a ceiling mounted HD camera which can capture video. 

Our studio lighting can be adjusted to set the scene to exactly how you want it and we have a curtain which can be lowered to create a “picture frame” around the performance area to enhance the visual appeal of your setup.

It is also possible for you to set up additional cameras around the room for close up shots or roving capture and have these connect to your main live stream.

Contact us for more information regarding live streaming.

Annual Jam Camps

Over the past several years, Edinburgh Jam Group has delivered our annual Summer Jam Camp which is essentially a weekend of music, camping/campervanning, fun and camaraderie for anyone with an interest in music!

Like our Showcase Events, they are also a brilliant opportunity to perform a feature a slot and have a brilliant experience playing outdoors with us to a live audience of festive campers – so send in those details using the form above to be in with a chance to play at one of our jam camps!

Follow us on social media and keep an eye out in your notifications of our upcoming 2024 Summer Jam Camp announcement! 

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Open Mic Shows

Edinburgh Jam Group has delivered an extensive roster of Open Mic Shows at venues around Edinburgh over the years at some of Edinburghs coolest venues including Rose Theatre, The Tron, Leith Arches and The Doghouse!

We bring all the gear for a full band setup and do all the sound tech for you so you don’t have to worry about looking or sounding great while you do your thing!

We notify each one on social media so you know when they are happening so give us a follow and come along to the next one and enjoy a brilliant evening of entertainment from live local talent while soaking up the vibes – or better yet, put your name down and show everyone what you’ve got!

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