Learning with Edinburgh Jam Group

At Edinburgh Jam Group, we are passionate about creating the right environment and circumstances to enable anyone to learn and develop their skills and experience when it comes to all things related to music!

As such, we are always on the lookout for people, groups and trusted partners who have the credentials and capability to provide high quality, great value training, mentoring and support to our users!

Currently Edinburgh Jam Group supports the following either directly or through affiliated partners who we work closely with:



Drum Tuition

Carter Skillicorn Drums 

Carter is a top-rated and qualified music professional who has delivered high quality and great value drumming tuition over the last several years – and in doing so has helped many aspiring drummers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels achieve their potential and build their skills to the next level.

Aswell as being a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme, Carter has also undergone training in child protection and safe-guarding and has built a solid reputation for professionalism through providing individually tailored drumming tuition in person and online.

For more information and enquiries, please visit: 

www.carterdrums.com/tuition or www.facebook.com/carterskillicorndrums

Guitar Tuition


Greg Russell is a trained and degree qualified musician with years of experience in both performance and training.

Greg has built up his reputation and experience as a solid tutor through experience in the US at summer camps, and also at home here in the UK as a music teaching assistant and has a proven track record of helping guitarists get to the next level regardless of their starting point or musical interests!

For more information contact Greg at:


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Social Media, Marketing, Online Presence Support

Edinburgh Jam Groups in house team have a wealth of experience to share in order to help you identify and achieve your goals when it comes to the often perplexing and daunting world of online presence, marketing, advertising and how to grow your online audience and reach.

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Sound Engineering, Equipment and Recording

Edinburgh Jam Groups in house team provide workshops in studio to get you up to speed on all technical and practical aspects relating to sound engineering, music equipment, audio, midi, the recording process and more…all of which are essential areas of expertise which can help you in your musical journey both on stage, and in the studio!


Band Support and Mentoring

Whether you are a young group of budding musicians looking to get your creative ideas out in the world for the first time, a bunch of seasoned ex pros trying to get back out there, or somewhere in between – we are here to help! Our team has years of combined experience supporting and mentoring musicians of all types and stripes with whatever we can, and are passionate about helping our users achieve their goals and ambitions whatever they may be.

Want to Join us?

We are constantly on the lookout for new people to join our ranks who have something to share, teach or support, and are always open to new possibilities when it comes to partnering with external providers who we can recommend and get behind for great value, high quality training and services for our users.

If you think you are in a position to work with us either directly or as an affiliated partner, please get in touch with us so we can hear all about it!