About Us

Run by musicians, for musicians…

Edinburgh Jam Group has been going for over ten years in one form or another in the Edinburgh & Lothians music scene. Sustained by support from the local community and staffed by volunteers, our core aims are to provide opportunities for musicians to grow and achieve their potential, while advancing the development of the musical and cultural landscape in our local area.


From our modern and thoughtfully equipped Edinburgh studio, we provide affordable and well maintained facilities from which bands and artists can develop their material and routines. We are sensitive to the economic pressures people are under and work with them to accommodate their needs. We are also passionate about what makes all of our users unique and are a safe space for people of all backgrounds and groups including people with special needs.


Aspiring bands and artists find it very difficult to obtain the facilities and support to record their material, which is an essential part of the development of bands and artists. We have successfully developed our own system which enables people with little or no IT skills to confidently obtain the professional recordings they need without putting them under severe economic pressure in the process. We work closely with all our bands and artists as they go on their recording journey and take great pride in the support we provide.


Finding performance opportunities for aspiring bands and artists is essential but can be a difficult and frustrating aspect of any artists ambitions. We work hard with our users to help them develop their own gig opportunities, and provide a regular roster of showcase events, open stage shows, open jam events, and other activities at which they can play and develop the vital confidence, skills, experience and networking needed to get the most benefit out of their passion for music.


The core founding principle of Edinburgh Jam Group is the sharing of experience between musicians to everyone’s benefit. Throughout all of our activities, we passionately promote this key principle. To enable this to happen, we facilitate instrument tuition which benefits adults and children alike, training workshops for everything from IT skills, recording, sound engineering, gig finding, band development, online and social medial promotion skills, and more. We also provide a regular roster of open jam sessions and other performance opportunities at which less experienced players benefit from and enjoy playing with more experienced players, building vital relationships and support in the process.